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Take Back Your Wedding

This website is a movement and Modern Bride Trendsetter for the advice in our book about navigating ALL the complex drama of wedding planning. It's the best money you'll spend on your wedding.

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We have many options for couples seeking to strengthen their marriages. From individual counselors, to books you have a lot of choices.

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Welcome to The First Dance where wedding planning

and marriage preparation join together!



The engagement ring symbolizes the end of your private dating relationship. We call those first moments of the proposal the "hour of bliss" because it's the beginning of the often exhausting, sometimes wonderful, always complicated world of marriage and in-laws. Weddings are exhausting because marriage can be exhausting. As co-founder Elizabeth found, wedding planning can teach you a lot about married life. Even learning more about the history of weddings can be useful to give perspective on what is happening today.


We won a Modern Bride Magazine Trendsetter award in 2007 for tackling this complicated topic and the celebrity studded audience. While getting our award, these famous and many wealthy attendees nodded in agreement that weddings are very complex family events. From booking the perfect wedding venue, to choosing wedding rings, planning a wedding involves a lot of decisions and stress. Even having a lot of money doesn't make wedding planning easy. Join us on Twitter, read our book, Take Back Your Wedding: Managing the People Stress of Wedding planning, check out our blog, or bookmark our site throughout your wedding planning. You may even want to send your parents to this site.


Nobody escapes wedding planning stress. Not even those who chose to elope! So welcome to The First Dance: Managing the People Stress of Wedding Planning.



About The Father-Daughter Team


This photo was taken at Elizabeth's wedding. While planning her wedding and reading bridal message boards, she went to her father a lot to get his opinion as a marriage and family therapist. They both fell in love with the complexity of wedding planning and eventually wrote a book, Take Back Your Wedding, and developed a class and DVD. The complex of wedding planning in today's complex families means this website will be ever-expanding.


Exciting new developments are the Wedding Vendor Discount Program which are helping couples save money while working on their marriage. Check it out!


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